• We are proud to be truly service user-led

    Project Embrace is inspired by over thirty years of experience within mental health and psychiatric services. Every aspect of our products and services are informed by lived experience.

    Free online service

    Create The Pocket Advocate a personalised, pocket sized, portable guide designed to empower your ability to manage mental distress.

    Workshops & Training

    Mental health awareness and wellbeing programmes tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and the people it serves.

    Products & Services

    Our range of solutions are used by a variety of customers, from individuals seeking support to large organisations.

  • "Strip away the labels, and what do you have left? A person who is struggling and needs support. We all experience times of great difficulty, some of us are better at coping with those times than others.


    When we recognise the patterns that occur and outline strategies for support we can begin to overcome the repetitive cycles of mental distress, crisis and relapse. This enables a person to become empowered, which rests at the heart of everything we do."

    - Danielle Singer Moore, Founder of Project Embrace.