• “This tool is inspirational and people feel really invested in it...They are in the driving seat, it is truly service user led, and for this I think the tool is unique and invaluable... It’s a bit like a mobile phone, once you have one you wonder how you ever lived without it.”​

    - Moira Matthews, Social Worker.

  • Your mental health in your own hands.

    Our free online service enables clients to complete The Pocket Advocate online, which can be downloaded as a PDF. This can be retrieved by a user from their phone, emailed, printed and shared with others.

  • ''Thank you so much for this amazing service. It really gives me peace of mind to know I will have this booklet with me at all times."

    - H.F., Customer, Nottinghamshire.






    Our range of solutions are used by a variety of customers, from individuals seeking support, to large organisations that want to provide mental health awareness and wellbeing to their staff and clients. Our services are delivered by a team of inspirational facilitators and consultants that specialise in a variety of sectors to meet your organisation's requirements.

  • The Pocket Advocate

    "As a GP who looks after a large number of patients who have mental health problems, it is often very difficult to find out important information at the time of social or medical crisis.
    A document such as The Pocket Advocate would be of invaluable help in informing clinicians, families and friends of the needs and plans of the person needing care."

    - Dr Higginbottom, GP.








  • The Pocket Advocate is a personalised, pocket sized, portable guide designed to empower a person's ability to communicate, manage and recover from mental distress. It shows clearly that with the right intervention the cycles of crisis and relapse can be prevented; that a person has the power to take responsibility for the progression of their symptoms, and become respected as an equal voice in the care they receive.


    This core product has been adapted for people in a range of environments including education and the workplace.

  • Facilitation Manual

    "The Pocket Advocate is by far the most intuitive and user friendly system I have seen."

    - I.P., Consultant Psychiatrist.








  • The facilitation manual walks you through The Pocket Advocate step by step, as someone who wants to explore their own mental health or facilitate another person on that journey.


    The Pocket Advocate is a unique model that combines a variety of prompts, exercises and games that can be adjusted to each person’s needs. The facilitation manual can be used as a standalone product or in combination with The Pocket Advocate booklet.

  • Workshops

    “I remembered who I am and that I am capable to be better and do more with my life. I know there will be troubles and problems, but I realised I have my own solutions.”​

    - Ina Rai, Student & Workshop Delegate.








  • Our workshops offer a pre-emptive approach that support delegates to manage their mental health and stress. Through a combination of stress management techniques, problem solving and personalised plans, delegates will learn what ‘triggers’ are and how best to respond to them when they inevitably come.


    Through dynamic group work, discussion and play the group will explore what triggers stress, the signs they notice in themselves when they have been triggered, and the actions they can take, to take care. Delegates will create the self-directed tool The Pocket Advocate, that can be used to communicate the challenges they face and explore the best way to access support.


    Our workshops:

    • Empower clients to manage their mental health and stress

    • Are proven to significantly increase confidence, ability to communicate and take positive action by 33%* and

    • Save 30% of the associated costs**



    * Taken from a trial group from 100 participants

    ** Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. (2009). Briefing 40: Removing barriers The facts about mental health and employment. London. 6.

  • Training

    “This is a huge gap in services and the long term social benefits of this work would more than outweigh the short term costs.”

    - Natalie Bo, Social Worker.








  • Our training is designed to give delegates the necessary preparation to facilitate The Pocket Advocate model with others. Over the course of two days delegates will complete a series of extensive activities that explore each aspect of The Pocket Advocate model from a practical and theoretical perspective, and gain:


    • Experience running group exercises
    • Confidence facilitating
    • Practice of skills in a safe environment
    • Techniques to handle questions, discussions and challenges that may arise

  • Consultation & Bespoke Service

    Our products and services tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and the people it serves.








  • Our consultation and bespoke service tailors each product to your organisational needs in alignment with your in-house style and brand.