• "I really value being part of Project Embrace. It is led by someone with lived experience which is an explicit guiding force for what we do. I’m committed to the focus of supporting people with lived experience to take control and ownership over their stories and plans for supporting their wellbeing."

    - Hári Sewell, Facilitator.

  • Director/Producer: Tatiane Feres | Executive Producer: Danielle Singer Moore | Director of Photography: Stefan Yap | Assistant DOP: Camil Liberto | Post-Production Sound: Les Mommsen & Kyle Chandler | Editor: Neto Jones | Location Manager: Luke Chisholm | Words & Voice: Danielle Singer Moore | Featuring: Masoud Bhayat, Jake Chisholm, Kamala Devam, Shonu Das, Michelle Hamilton, Christine Hoodith, Diana Malin, Tracy Nairn, Pedro Queiroz, Jonny Rogers, Micheal Simmons, Lord Eric Sugumugu, John Syz, Zev Taylor & Maria Wilson.

  • "There was so much fear and denial around me becoming unwell again that it was difficult to be honest and open about what I was experiencing. I wanted to create something that communicated what I was going through and what I needed to do to help me get by on a day-to-day basis, as well as in crisis.


    I showed my Social Worker The Pocket Advocate and she encouraged me to apply for funding with the aim of developing this idea to help others who experience similar challenges."

    - Danielle Singer Moore, Founder of Project Embrace.

  • Project Embrace is a not for profit Community Interest Company inspired by over thirty years of experience within mental health and psychiatric services. Every aspect of our products and services are informed by lived experience. We are proud be truly service user-led.


    Our range of solutions are used by a variety of customers, from individuals seeking support, to large organisations that want to provide mental health awareness and wellbeing to their staff and clients.


    In 2008 The Pocket Advocate was designed to guide people through the various stages of their mental health diagnosis.

    The idea to develop this as a service for others was awarded an innovation and development grant from the London Borough of Camden. In partnership with The James Wigg Practice and The Kentish Town Improvement Fund The Pocket Advocate was successfully piloted within Camden & Islington’s NHS Foundation Trust.


    Since then we have worked with a variety of local and national organisations, including the charity Rethink Mental Illness and the University of the Arts London, to raise awareness and implement The Pocket Advocate for people in a range of environments including education, healthcare, probation,employment, and the workplace. It has been an incredible journey.

    We are extremely grateful to our growing network of ambassadors and
    dedicated team of volunteers and experts that have helped to bring this work into the world.

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